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One more time?

Just have been invited to guide another cycling tour to Jeruzalem, Slovenia.


One more time?

Not unexpected but a surprise.
Today I've been invited by the Kalvarienberg cycling group to guide another tour in 2022.

This should be the last in a series of bike tours we did in the last couple of years and it would bring us back to a place where we've already been.

Jeruzalem will be our final destination and a worthy ending to our common tours.

We will start in Graz on June 16th, 2022 and will stop in Maribor.
After a visit to the beautiful city of Ptuj we will arrive in Jeruzalem on our second day.
We will leave Slovenia and return to Austria on day 3 before we return home on June 19th from Gleichenberg to Graz.