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Bike & Boat Tour in the Netherlands

08 August 2021 - Travel


Bike & Boat Tour in the Netherlands

I'm thinking about a bicycle and boat tour during a vaction in the Netherlands.
But why should I think about what to write here? Let me Eurobike do it.

Let's see what more ideas will come into my mind during preparation.

Here's what they wrote:

“Thinking of Holland I envisage broad rivers languidly winding through endless fen and lines of incredibly towering poplars like giant plumes on the edge of the Polder”.

These lines of a famous poem by the Dutch poet Marsman characterise this wonderful journey between Amsterdam and Maastricht, the southern-most city in the Netherlands. The journey starts in Maastricht, the capital of the province of Limburg, famous for its lively center and vibrant hospitality. Discover magical flat and green landscapes formed by the Vecht, Lower Rhine, Waal, Linge and Meuse rivers: a tangle of old gullies, cut-off meanders, dikes and flood plains with a specific flora and fauna. Visit historical towns, remarkable villages and some castles and gardens along these rivers. In the hospitable province of Limburg, cycling tours will cross borders regularly. Although the Meuse flows through the Netherlands, both Germany and Belgium are only a stone’s throw away. You can eat ‘Kuchen’ (cake) in a German ‘Konditorei’ in the morning and have a delicious afternoon beer in a street café in a Belgium village. The trip ends in Amsterdam, the Netherlands' lively capital.

Follow the link to see their page.